Rbz tour driver settings

I did get in contact with the seller and even sent them a photo of the driver with the upc number. Find your flight the 4 loft sleeve allows you to adjust the loft, lie and face angle of the m5 driver. Taylormade is constantly pushing the limits of innovation, working to give you more speed, more distance and more accuracy every time you tee it up. If youre looking for a new set of woods i wouldnt look too far beyond the new rbz stage 2 setup. Oct 05, 20 the biggest difference between the stage 2 and the original rbz seems to be the improved aerodynamics which reduced drag to increase club speed, resulting in more distance. However, once on the course, the feel felt off for some reason. The stage 2 has a little more pop but the rbz was slightly more accurate. The rbz has a 460cc head and uses a graphite shaft. Tried it on several courses and was still the same. Previously, the shaft sleeve only allowed you an upright and standard lie setting, and then club face positions.

Does adjusting a rbz driver loft change face angle. The rbz stage 2 tour has an incredibly smooth feel and very few hybrids will duplicate the same feeling. I have been looking around online and cannot find anywhere that gives a breakdown on what each setting specifically does. New taylormade rocketballz drivers are fast, lightweight. However enclosed was an expected zip lock bag labeled rescue kit which should have contained the tool to adjust the club heads loft. I used to hit around 230yds with my old driver, now 240260 or so with the tour 9 rbz. Sometimes carry 1sw golden ram tour grinds wdynamic s or 1sw golden ram tw282, precision 6. The standard model is designed with a slight draw bias, while the tour model has a neutrally placed center of gravity. The m5 driver is the driver that was released just a few months ago and until now it has been praised as the fastest driver that taylormade has ever made. A player can finetune loft, angle, and lie using the 12 easily adjustable settings located in a new 4degree aluminum loft sleeve. Taylormade sldrrbz stage 2 adapter diamond tour golf.

The m3 and m4 driver both have the ability to adjust the loft and lie angle. Taylormade mens rbz black driversa new rbz driver with aggressive styling and powerful performancerbz is back with the taylormade rbz black driver. Adjustments on taylormade rbz driver clubs, grips, shafts. The 4degree loft sleeve allows you to adjust loft, lie, and face angle of the m5m5 tour drivers. The techloaded exs driver features a flight tuning system fts that includes 9gram and 3gram interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel that allows for plus two or minus two degrees in loft, rollface technology for an expanded sweet spot, dual carbon fiber placement for ideal weight distributi. How to adjust taylormade rocketballz driver youtube. While surveying a select few top 100 fitters, we found this driver. Taylormade introduced the first steelheaded woods in golf, and they have been on the leading edge of technological innovation in the golf industry ever since. Bigger face and better aerodynamics for more distance. You can adjust almost everything on the driver to be better fitted to your swing. This factory adapter also allows for 7 standard and 5 upright loft settings for a total of 12 different loftlie settings.

One year later, taylormade upgrades its most popular. So you are in between the taylormade m3 driver and taylormade m4 driver. Finally, the taylormade rbz stage 2 driver is completed with a fujikura rocketfuel shaft and lightweight grip. Taylormade rocketballz tour driver i received the club today a day early compared to stated expected delivery and the packaging was good. Six years later, the conversation has changed to adjusting loft. The rbz stage 2 driver was one of the first drivers where taylormade moved the cg lower and closer to the clubface. This process saved three grams of weight, making the clubhead even faster through impact. On both sleeves there is an option for an upright lie setting, its just one setting and only affects the degree of lie vs. Dec 22, 2011 tom olsavsky, taylormades senior director of product creation, explains the design philosophies and engineering that went into making the new rocketballz driver.

The large titanium club head is 460cc for maximum playability and confidence at address. The taylormade drivers in this collection feature lofts from 9 degrees up to. Am a bogie golfer, and really liked the first rbz driver. Unfollow taylormade rbz driver to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Inverted cone technology has been milled directly into the back of the club face, making the sweet spot bigger for more forgiveness on offcentre strikes. In addition, it feels harder off the face than the rbz stage 2 tour rescue. How adjustable drivers can fix your swing flaw golf digest. For a tour model, this club is playable for everyone. New to taylormade in 2012 is the rocketballz driver. We would probably prefer the r11s over the rbz tour, which is also cheaper, so this is really going to come down to personal preference and how much adjustability you want in a driver. Taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver hurricane golf.

Set it to the lowest loft and the face will be open. Each taylormade rocketballz rbz tour driver comes fitted with a rbz superfast matrix ozik xcon 6 graphite shaft. On reading several comments in golf magazine i ordered this driver in march 2012. An expansive clubface results in a confidencebuilding club that you know you can bomb off the tee. While the r11s family seems to receive most of the tmag driver buzz, we are looking towards the rocketballz driver to be the 2012 darkhorse of the year. Its a great looking club at address, but its like buying a car, it can look like a dream, but if the engine is not working at least for me it was not, its a lemon.

Title charlie rymer demonstrates what happens when you change your loft on an adjustable driver. I was impressed by the easy adjustability of both the driver and hybrid and tried it on the lower and higher settings, both working to great effect. The stage 2 also has an updated adjustability component. Now, if i can just find a way to get the sound of the rbz tour muted. All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters. They found that this repositioning of the cg would produce faster ball speeds with less spin, compared to a lower and back cg. Had this club for a year now and i prefer my burner to this. How to use ytrack on taylormade m3 driver fairway golf. Dec 31, 2011 new taylormade rocketballz drivers are fast, lightweight and adjustable december 31, 2011 taylormade golf company has introduce a revolutionary new driver franchise called rocketballz rbz which combines speed, adjustability and two unique clubhead options rocketballz and rocketballz tour designed to appeal to a wide range of players. This is coming from someone who was never a tm fan previously and always liked the idea of a ping driver in the bag. The club looks great but the grip does not feel right compared to my previous driver from call away. Apr 19, 20 the rbz stage 2 tour driver uses the same head shape as the nontour model, but changes in taylormades tooling allowed engineers to move the cg lower and more forward. The adapter sleeve allows you to add multiple shaft options for your driver.

Adjust the loft on a taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver. And i must admit i didnt think you could improve on the rbz 3wood, but this baby is a hammer of a club and the way it sits behind the ball on the fairway at address is like a work of art. The latest feature of the rbz stage 2 driver is taylormades loftsleeve technology. Rbz stage 2 tour rescue straight off i have to say i enjoyed playing with these clubs and just loved the adjustability of the hybrid. It did not take long to adjust to the difference when upgrading and i will not go back to the rbz. The d4 swing weight is the exact same in both versions. A thickthin crown design creates a lower center of gravity, which promotes higher launch for more distance. December 31, 2011 taylormade golf company has introduce a revolutionary new driver franchise called rocketballz rbz which combines speed, adjustability and two unique clubhead options rocketballz and rocketballz tour designed to appeal to a wide range of players. Its lightweight and very well made, offering moderate forgiveness and maximum distance. Now, if i can just find a way to get the sound of the rbz tour. I was averaging over 275 yds and was able to send a. So picked up the stage 2, and it felt good when tested at a local golf shop.

The rbz stage 2 rescue feels solid at impact with a crisp contact. Tom olsavsky, taylormades senior director of product creation, explains the design philosophies and engineering that went into making the new rocketballz driver. Firstly the shaft is an inch shorter and is a much stiffer and better quality matrix shaft than the standard version, but this comes at a price. It pretty much comes down to your budget on this specific club, as both are really nice drivers and can do the job. I recently purchased the taylormade rbz driver and while it advertises 8 settings for lie, loft, and face angle with the shaft, only 4 of them are labeled. The driver is a resurrected upgrade of the original rbz that had an immense success about ten years ago. Graphite shaft taylormade rocketfuel 50g stiff s flex. Aug 25, 2015 set the driver to the highest loft and youll see a closed face. I think the tour model heads or tour spoon are 1 degree open at neutral. Unfollow taylormade rbz stage 2 driver to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

As an average golfer 18 handicap it gave me about 10 yards more on average. The rbz bonded driver provides the complete taylormade rbz technology which makes the rocketballz driver among the best selling drivers ever, without an adjustable hosel. The taylormade rbz rocketballz tour driver is similar in features to the standard rbz driver so it has the adjustable hosel and the same white paint job. The rbz tour is extremely forgiving on miss hits and sounds and feels fantastic when you make solid contact. According to taylormade, the rbz bonded driver comes with taylormades inverted cone milled into the back of the face. This lowers spin, giving higherspeed players the flatter trajectory they need to maximize carry and roll. Tips for changing your loft on an adjustable driver golf. I have the r11s the driver just before the r1 and i believe the r1 sleeve is similar but with more settings notches. Taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver 2nd swing golf. Here are the standard specifications for the taylormade rbz driver. With the help of the worlds best golfer, taylor woods, the company claims that it is the fastest and the straightest driver that they have ever made. What is the difference between the upright lofts and the.

Adjustments on taylormade rbz driver page 2 jun 19, 2012 adjustments on taylormade rbz driver page 2 subscribe search this thread i just purchased the rbz driver and i searched the net learning to tune it. Taylormade rocketballz driver to bond or not to bond. With twist face technology, both models offer maximum forgiveness. Again, the rbz tour is not the only variable in the equation but i have to say it is the longest driver i have ever played. Taylormade also had the first titanium golf driver in the winners circle of a golf major mark omeara, 1998 masters, ti. Loftsleeve gives you 7 standard and 5 upright loft options to better suit your playing style.

I was averaging over 275 yds and was able to send a couple over the 300 yd. The rbz stage 2 was the preferred choice of our test team over the r1. Taylormade factory replacement adapter sleeves for the sdlr, sldr tp, rbz stage ii, and rbz stage ii tp driver heads. Learn more about the topsellers in our taylormade driver line. The taylormade rbz stage 2 driver is a proven upgrade from the prior rocketballz driver. Apart from a different stock shaft matrix 6q3 or 7q3 tp, the primary difference is the placement of weight. The new taylormade rocketballz stage ii driver features an element of adjustability, enhanced aerodynamics and. Taking the club back with this leaves you with a strange feeling but you get used to it.

New taylormade rocketballz drivers are fast, lightweight and. I just got a rocketballz stage 2 driver, and it has the ability to adjust the loft. Improved aerodynamics reduces drag over the head to promote faster clubhead speed. The only difference between the two drivers is the ytrack on the bottom of the taylormade m3 driver having the adjustable weights allows. Faster, more aerodynamic and longer than the original rocketballz tour driver. Once warmed up and on the vector ball launch monitor i was very pleased at the overall aesthetics and performance of the rocketballz stage 2. To prove just how much an adjustable driver can change your game, we collected new drivers from callaway, cobra, nike, ping and taylormade. But i think the star of the show has to be the 3wood.

Theres a reason that its cheaper than the r1, however. Even with the fct i could not get the ball to turn right to left consistently and it drove me nuts. Numbers dont lie but during club wars the rbz was my most consistent driver in all categories we were testing distance, spin, club speed and control. Adding loft on the r9 same as rbz closes face angle. When taylormade launched the r9 family of drivers, they talked about hosel adjustments in terms of left and right, i. This generation features a new, aggressive style and powerful performance. Aug, 2019 with the rbz, taylormade made a super smart move to offer golfers on the budget, convenient solution of a namebrand driver that could be at least in few aspects compared to the m3 and m4 drivers that were released last year. I would not recommend and it is frankly an expensive purchase. The taylormade rbz black driver is using uptodate technology and produces tourlevel results, but at half the cost or less than most other premium titanium drivers. The rbz stage 2 driver also allows you to choose a more upright lie setting where the loft can also be changed in the same fashion. These settings allow for up to 60 yards of side to side trajectory adjustments.

Aug 20, 2012 taylormade has notably been the leader in drivers out on tour and in retail shops. Remarkably, the new rbz drivers, which are packed with performance and will be played by pga tour. The rbz stage 2 driver will also be available in a tour model. The taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver is built for golfers who want the high forgiveness of the original rocketballz driver coupled with faster swing speeds, more distance and more adjustability. For the taylormade lifers, the rocketballz stage 2 will not be a great departure from the all characteristics youve loved in your old taylormade drivers so consider this as a great upgrade option when youre ready to pick up your next driver. I ordered rbz stage 2 adjustable driver as shown above in the photo and by the product information, but instead got the bound version of the driver. Taylormade rbz stage 2 driver and fairway wood, golf. Each loft sleeve has 12 positions to finetune your ball flight.

Still very high flight so i will take it down to 7. Jul 22, 20 the rbz stage 2 driver will also be available in a tour model. If its a 10 degree driver, it will always be 10 degrees, no matter how you twist it. Besides the price, one of the best things about the rocketballz driver is how easy it.

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