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Baofeng has another new inexpensive portable, the uv 5r. I also tried using the baofeng software from their website. If you buy from aliexpress, like i did, the radio is delivered in a light grey box with no information printed on it. Lots of speculation on other changes besides the cosmetic brick olore.

Win7 usb interface programming cable for baofeng uv5r uv5r. I never got used to the system of pressing up and down buttons for changing frequencies or channels, and this model promised to address this issue. Baofeng uv5ra ham two way radio 6174400480 mhz dualband transceiver black. Baofeng programming cable for uv 5r and uv 82 for two way ham portable radios. Tim kirby, g4vxe, is a regular contributor to and writes from oxfordshire, england. They use the fuji type np60 or kodak klic5000 or casio np30 mobile phone battery so you do not have to buy any special spare batteries some of the newer models. All bf series uv series gt series dm5r plus mobile car radio. The baofeng uv 5r is a compact hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 6174 mhz and 400480mhz 520mhz later versions. The uv 6r is a new design from baofeng company in 2015 the uv 6r is using the newest firmware hdbf230 which developed by baofeng to fix the bugs such as external speakers without voice in the uv 5r firmware bfb297.

I fired up my windows 7 machine to use the recommended vip programming software and it didnt recognise the usb programming cable. Quick overview three background colors to choose purple, blue and orange more humanized design on the keyboard button. This factory software is for both 150450 mhz and 150220 mhz newest software below, 2 formats 1a baofeng cps vip with installer english. See more ideas about radio, walkie talkie, dual band. By the way, there is a uv 3r group and also a baofeng uv 5r group. I even tried installing a recommended, older, driver for the pl2303 usb cable chipset. Keep in mind they may be different than mine as i have an ibm work alike that uses vista. Technical support 409shop,walkietalkie,handheld transceiver. Rc77 baofeng desktop charger for uv b5 uv b6 specification. Another brand is weiteer, the uv 100 model is the same one as the uv 82.

Factory software for tripower 1, 4, 8w baofeng vip with installer english. Baofeng uv 9r 8w 6174400520mhz vhfuhf dual band dustproof waterproof ip67 transceiver walkie talkie two way radio. If you buy from 409shop, you will get the uv b5 in a nice box, like this. John k3nxu uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5 uvb5 uv b5. The remarkable uv 3r mkii transceivers have 3 main i. By pressing button 3 while switching it on turn the knob the firmware is shown bfbxxx. Just as a fyi, i tried using your livecd, and it is a few years old. If you buy from 409shop, you will get the uvb5 in a nice box, like this.

Software v2 ed at import communications has gotten a new version of the uv 5r programming software. Baofeng uv 82 series firmware release upgrades recorded by jim kc9hi. The following has been recorded based on factory firmware revisions. The lead comes in two parts, the usb part, and a 3. Turn off your radio prior to entering any area with explosive and flammable materials. Review baofeng uvb5 baofeng uvb6 ham radio blog pd0ac.

Do not use any portable radio that has a damaged antenna. If anyone has had problems with the tyt, please let me know. Software will not work with the btech uv 5x3, the baofeng uv 5r3, uv 5x mate uv 82, bff8 or bff8hp radios. Then, please use the the baofeng official software not chirp for programming. Software downloads 409shop,walkietalkie,handheld transceiver. I suspect it might eat into sales of the uv 3r portable.

Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and. Jun 24, 2015 baofeng pofung uv 6r dualband description. Baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r baofeng uv5r a special thanks to all contributors to this site. System utilities downloads uv 6 uv 7 series by baofeng and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Dec 18, 2012 when i first spotted the baofeng uv b5 i was slightly more interested than normal. Radios that are equipped with a display can read out the firmware version, for instance the uv 5r radio. Uv 5r,5ra,5r plus,5re,bf f8hp, bf888s, uv82hp, 5rx3 and lanyard mirkit 4. The firmware chip is fixed and cannot be reflashed. I saw that ed at started carrying the new baofeng uv 3r so i placed my order and had the radio in my hands in a couple of days. I kinda liked the no frills design with the rotary encoder on top. Jan 12, 20 at that stage we didnt know that the basic baofeng uv 5 software didnt work with the new style rig, so i suspect that had he installed chirp it would have probably worked fine. Most baofeng radios can be programmed with use of the original baofeng software, depending on the firmware of the radio. Operating system selection available when adding to cart. Even though it is for a uv 3r, the device driver is the same for the 3 and 5.

Uv5r series please check the radio firmware hold and press the 3 key then power on. The frequncy of the uv 5rtp radio has been set as 140150430440mhz when it manufactured. Browse the specifications and features of latest models of uv 5r baofeng radios at baofengradio. An exception is the uv 5rx3 radio being sold by main trading from paris texas. Any memory channel with all its details can be sent to the radio with a simple keystroke. Sale walkietalkie,wholesale shop,dmr motorola radio,buy two way radio. Baofeng uv5r upgrade version dual band walkie talkie vhf uhf. Do you have a livecd with a relatively current version of chirp. Baofeng radio spare parts battery lock for uv 5r wuv5r uv5re walkie talkies 409shop radio radio wholesale, surecom,located in hong kong,walkie talkies,radio,has been providing radio sales,ham radio outlet. In order to use the 6174400520mhz, you need to do the factory reset. The bao5r radio programmer is available for either windows os or mac os. Use only baofeng supplied or approved batteries and chargers.

If a damaged antenna comes into contact with your skin, a minor burn can result. The uv 5r radio programming software is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set menu options of your radio from your pc. Once installed, you can easily copy the configuration to multiple phones. Dual ptt switch new baofeng radios uv 8289 and uv ten4 versions have 2 ptt switches. I did a quick search and didnt seen any posts here about the uv b5, so i would like to introduce what i am calling the best kept secret in chinese. The color changing display and battery life alone, make it worthwhile.

The uv 6r is a new design from baofeng company in 2015 the uv 6r is using the newest firmware hdbf230 which developed by baofeng to fix the bugs such as external speakers without voice. Get software, please provide member id and send email request to. If i were in the market for a dualband rig and had that kind of budget id be looking at a yaesu, kenwood, or icom since all of those manufacturers have dualbanders for close to the same price. It is a compact, economical ht that includes a special vhf receive band from 65 108 mhz which includes the regular fm broadcast band. Radio software and usb cable driver,need window pc more detail from. There have been several revisions to the firmware over the past few years. Press the menu button, type 40, and then the radio will be reset. Program software for baofeng uv 5r windows 64 bit vip version. Several baofeng uv 5 models are available with extended model names, like uv 5ruu. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Walkietalkie shop,surecom product, cb radio 409shop.

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