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Computer system components input keyboard, mouse, camera, touch pad processing cpu output monitor, printer storage floppy, hard drive, cd, dvd, flash drive generations gen. Companies face a variety of risks to their hardware and software systems. Hardware hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other devices. A computer network can be defined as a set of two or more computers having interconnection to the same resources, such as exchange files, printers, cds and other similar equipment. The main purpose of the networks is to facilitate communication through. Computer hardware list of high impact articles ppts. An operating system os is an intermediary between users and computer hardware. Ppt on software engineering powerpoint presentations. Part i if you could build your own personal computer, what components would you purchase. Hardware is collection of all parts which can be felt physically on touch which includes the parts like computer case, keyboard, and mouse. It links a group of networks using hardwares such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables. Free computer software powerpoint template is a free digital software package template for power point that you can download and use to share or distribute software or applications in a digital media. It is telecommunications network which allows the exchange of data.

Power can fail, electronics age, addin boards can be installed wrong, you can mistype, there are accidents of all kinds, a repair technician can actually cause problems, and magnets you dont know are there can damage disks. Powerpoint presentations ppt collection for hardware training. It links a group of networks using hardware s such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables. Hardware networking list of high impact articles ppts. Keep in mind that this is a select few of the thousands of questions and answers in our database see our troubleshoot definition for a general overview of the steps that should be taken while troubleshooting a computer. People to help support decision making, coordination, control, analysis, and visualization in an organization. Different software applications can be loaded on a hardware to run different jobs.

Input device an input device lets you communicate with a computer. What are the differences between hardware and software. Holographic memory devices that use light to store and read data have been the backbone of data storage for nearly two decades. Computer networks differ in the transmission media used to carry their signals, the communications protocols to organize network traffic, the networks size, topology and organizational intent. The computer system consists of four parts1 hardware, 2 software, 3 data, and 4 users. Different software can be loaded on hardware to run different jobs. Technical seminar topics for computer science with ppts. Also within the system we have some parts like hard disk etc.

Ppt hardware and software powerpoint presentation free. The networks in a computer are built with a great combination of software and hardware. A computer is a device that accepts information input in the form of digitalized data and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed. The device should come with software on a cd or downloaded from the manufacturers site that is installed so that it is part of the os. It includes not only the computer proper but also the cables, connectors, power supply units, and peripheral devices such as the keyboard, mouse, audio speakers, and printers. Instructor scott jernigan helps you identify the components of a computer, connect devices and peripherals, set up data storage, and recognize the commonalities of different operating systems. Demonstrate the need of real time operating system for embedded system applications. Pptx open file tool is all you need to eliminate data corruption threats, caused by various dangers, from invalid user actions to software issues and file system errors. What is hardware and software of computer in simple. Technology hardware, software, and networks that support the business processes and people. In contrast to software, hardware is a physical entity. Software development is very expensive and is a continuing expense. Here the computers are linked and the linked computers can share the data.

Whether it be a monitor, tablet, or smartphone, it is hardware without any hardware, your computer would not exist, and software could not be used. Develop the hardware software codesign and firmware design approaches. The motherboard is made up of even more parts that power and control the computer. Process collects, processes, stores, and disseminates information. If you want to add a new piece of hardware to your computer system, like a printer, modem, scanner, etc. Abbreviated as hw, hardware is best described as any physical component of a computer system that contains a circuit board, ics, or other electronics. Hardware software partitioning and co design principles ppt. The fundamentals of hardware and software introduction computer. A perfect example of hardware is the screen on which you are viewing this page. Comprehensive collection of powerpoint presentations ppt for hardware.

Computer fundamentals hardware relationship between. Memory ram random access memory input keyboard, mouse, microphone. Computer hardware components motherboard cpu keyboard mouse ram monitor floppy drive cdrom drive hard disk drive dvd drives. It is divided into two main categories hardware software 4. If hardware is the heart of a computer system, then software is its soul. Hardware components are further divided into three groups. Hardware technology is the science of exploring the physical components of computer. Examples of application software include microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, oracle, etc.

Creates the interface between the hardware and the user. It will help you to complete your class presentation if your subject is. The fundamentals of hardware and software information. The software development section takes you behind the scenes. If the hardware is the heart of a computer system, then the software is its soul. Software the instructions we feed into the computer to order it to perform certain desired work is called software. Computer networking list of high impact articles ppts.

The growth in the computer hardware market is due to emerging markets growth, technology development, increasing data volume. Download full technical seminar topics for computer science with ppts in doc, pdf or ppt format. Computer hardware presentation linkedin slideshare. Information technology management it management is the discipline whereby all of the information technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. Hardware security hardware is a collection of physical elements that constitutes a computer system. Computer hardware is the physical parts or components of a computer, such. Software testing includes topics such as acceptance testing, hardware software codesign, software architecture, software reliability, software safety etc. Software testing list of high impact articles ppts. Ppt computer hardware and software powerpoint presentation. Hardware the physical equipment used to process information software instructions that. Central processing unit the microprocessor consists of three sections. A software acts as an interface between the user and the hardware. Hardware and software are interconnected, without software, the hardware of a computer. Interpret the basic hardware components and their selection method based on the characteristics and attributes of an embedded system.

This ppt template is also a good ppt background template for presentations on digital goods as well as digital products or digital software powerpoint presentations. Hardware and software in this section of notes you will learn about the basic parts of a computer and how they work. Collection of technical seminar topics for computer science with ppts. Computer hardware is the physical components of the computer, refers to the tangible things you can touch components of a computer system. Hardware research major areas involve the design, analysis and modeling of complex systems on a chip. Software acts as an interface between the user and the hardware. Hardware is the physical components of a computer system e. Computer has both hardware and software systems which is required for the functioning. Motherboard main circuit board inside your computer is. Providing a platform for software developers to write applications. Below is a listing of commonly asked computer questions and answers and basic troubleshooting steps for operating systems, software, and computer hardware. In software risk, programs, files, and the information can be theft or corrupt by hackers or viruses.

Information technology management list of high impact. Computer is an electronic device that accepts data as input, processes the input data by performing mathematical and logical operations on it, and gives the desired output. Put together a list of the components you would use to create it, including a computer case, motherboard, cpu, hard disk, ram, and dvd drive. These resources may include tangible investments like computer hardware, software, data, networks and data center facilities, as well as the staff who are hired. Ppt computer hardware powerpoint presentation free to. Memory and the cpu are volatile they lose their contents when the power cuts off. Some computer hardware are processors, firmware, memory etc. You will learn the differences between hardware and software, as well as examples of each. A computers hardware is comprised of many different parts, but perhaps the most important of these is the motherboard. Hardware, software and computer types this section will take a look at hardwaresoftware and the different types of computers. System software operates directly on hardware devices of computer. Hardware is a general term for the physical objects of technology. The constructive cost model cocomo is an algorithmic software cost estimation model developed by barry w.

System software is a term referring to any computer software which manages and controls the hardware so that application software can perform. Hardware is used by everyone even if they are not aware of it. Hardware software 1st vacuum tubes machine language 2nd transistors assembly language 3rd integrated chip ic higher level languages, application programs 4th vlsi very. The first course covers computer basics, hardware, and operating systems. Powerpoint presentations ppt collection for basic computer.

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